Malnutrition in Namibia:
Phase Two 

Dreams to Beams is proud to announce the completion of Phase Two of the Combating Malnutrition project in Namibia. 

The goal of Dreams to Beams in this project is to provide mentorship and training to farmers who are interested in adopting sustainable agricultural techniques.

With the opening of the Namalubi Community Sustainable Agriculture Training Facility that goal has become a reality.

This facility will allow farmers to attend workshops and train. The hope is that the training facility becomes a space for farmers from all over Zambezi Region to share skills, ideas and experiences. 
Dreams to Beams, partnering with Agri Connexions Africa, is bringing agricultural technology to the area which will allow local family farmers to grow vegetables year round: 

The farmers will be trained in ecologically friendly, organic farming methods, that include micro drip irrigation systems, designed to reduce the amount of water needed from a normal irrigation system by 300 times. Other methods may include bagging the vegetable plants to minimize the amount of water needed and them to make full use of the water supplied, and the use of shade nets to provide ideal growing conditions, while protecting the plants from the sun and providing pest control. 

These practices will allow the farmers to feed their families and the community by eating heathy meals 12 months a year, helping to reduce malnutrition.

Additionally, any excess crops can then be sold at local markets, generating much needed income to these families, 70% of which live in poverty.