Dreams to Beams is happy to announce the completion of our Family Wellness Project in Peru. The project assists the Indigenous peoples of Peru living in the remote village of Cuncani, in the Lares Region of the Andes Mountains who suffer from poverty and malnutrition. However, the number one problem is poor sanitation which leads to parasitic infections, auto immune disease and gastrointestinal disorders.
Our Family Wellness project will provide each family with a greenhouse which allows them to grow food primarily for sustenance and allowing them to sell the surplus at their local market providing much needed income. The project will also provide an ecologically friendly toilet eliminating the poor sanitation conditions and greatly reducing the chance of disease and improving overall health. The third part of the project is the chicken coop. The chickens will provide fresh eggs and much needed protein to overcome malnutrition.

The first phase of the project was completed in October 2017 and benefitted 10 families.

Dreams to Beams would like to thank Markham Rotary for its generous donation that allowed this project to be a success.